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 School: Escuela Porvenir
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 Quest P.Eng: Sponsors (English)
  • American Electric Power -- a global energy company, one of the United States´ largest investor-owned utilities, providing energy to 3 million customers. Based in Columbus, Ohio, with these programs related to Porvenir:

  • North American Coalition on Religion and Ecology ("NACRE") -- provides a 5-step process of environmental stewardship for the global movement of faith-based environmental activists building an ecologically sustainable future.
  • SolarQuest™ -- assisting students from around the world to learn about powering the 21st Century with clean energy resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions with programs related to Porvenir that include:

  • Foundation for Environmental Education -- a key partner in AEP's Learning from Light program.
  • Southwest Technology Development Institute -- at New Mexico State University -- handling all technical issues regarding the PV power system for Porvenir, including design, procurement, packing and supervising the installation. John Wiles is leading this effort. STDI is also supporting the communications aspect of the project. The website for their work in Mexico is
  • STM -- provides VSAT networks for broadband internet access, rural telephony and mesh voice and data networks.
  • BP -- a leading provider of energy and petrochemicals. "BP is committed to make a difference in the world in which we live, and move ... and breath."
  • White Hse Millenium Council -- "The President and Mrs. Clinton created the White House Millennium Council to encourage all Americans to participate in meaningful activities to mark the new millennium ... 'Honor the Past -- Imagine the Future.' The President has invited all citizens to 'give a gift to the future' that will ... unleash the full creative potential of the American people...."
  • US DOE -- "The Department of Energy's mission is to foster a secure and reliable energy system that is environmentally and economically sustainable...."

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Quest Author: Director de Porvenir Begin Date: 9/9/2000 • End Date: 10/15/2000

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