Introduction to
the Virtual SchoolHouse

The SolarQuest™ Virtual SchoolHouse is a system to communicate and maintain information about all aspects of solar energy technology and development. The information is created by you -- school administrators, teachers and students around the world -- in order to share your experience in an open format with others who are committed to the Quest for Sustainability.

When you first visit the Virtual Schoolhouse, feel free to browse through Quests that others have developed. To participate directly, you must "Log In" as a new user by submitting a short registration form. This enables you to register for Quests and submit reports in the schoolhouse. (Your contact information will be used to notify you of actions related to your activity and will not be made available to outsiders.)

The structure of the Virtual SchoolHouse is as follows:

Initiated by Admin
Approved by Webmaster
Initiated by Teacher
Approved by Admin
Initiated by Teacher
No approval required
Initiated by Student
Reviewed by Teacher
All may View when
Accepted by Teacher
For registration instructions, see the Virtual SchoolHouse Registration Procedures.

The "Help" link at the top of each page provides step-by-step instructions for further assistance.

Learning at SolarQuest™ goes on indefinitely, at first with your class and then self-directed. Once you have registered for your first Quest, you may submit a Report by going to any of the Tasks at the end of the Quest page.

Thanks to ongoing feedback from our users, we are continually improving the Virtual Schoolhouse in order to better suit the needs of students and teachers, and we welcome any comments or suggestions you may have.

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